Who We Are

We are currently a growing team of 15 Afghans along with several non-Afghan support staff.

Hossein Ebrahimi – Founder and President. Hossein and Shahnaz Ebrahimi have served full time among Iranians and Afghans since 2008.  They are now based in the United States.   

Shahnaz Ebrahimi and Bahar Azimi – Directors of Women’s Ministry

Reza Azimi – Co-founder and Vice President.  Reza and Bahar Azimi served in Turkey and Afghanistan, leading a network of house churches in the years before the Taliban takeover. They are now based in Canada.

Unnamed Afghan colleagues in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Brazil who serve Afghan seekers and young believers.

Dr. Arley and Janice Loewen – Advisors on the Leadership Team and for the Women’s ministry.  Arley was co-founder and director of Pamir Ministries (under Operation Mobilization) from 1992 until 2022.  They will also be teaching in conferences.

Daniel and Lorane Dreyer – Directors of Operations. Daniel grew up in Iran in a missionary family, taught public school in NY for 31 years while Lorane oversaw a sizable non-profit group, but they have both “retired” in order to support ministries.


Dr. Mike Ansari, CEO, Heart for Iran https://heart4iran.com

”Hossein and Shahnaz Ebrahimi possess a deep understanding of the unique culture and intricacies of their home country, Afghanistan. Their commitment to fulfill the Great Commission by serving the Afghan population both inside and outside of Afghanistan through Ariana Ministries is truly commendable.

Having personally interacted with Hossein and Shahnaz during their time with Heart4Iran and eventually Heart4Afghanistan, I can attest to their integrity and genuine love for their people, and their heartfelt desire to bring positive change. Their background and firsthand experience enable them to navigate the challenges and complexities of Afghan society with empathy, sensitivity, and wisdom. Their cultural insight and deep-rooted connections with the Afghan community empower them to effectively address the spiritual needs and aspirations of their fellow Afghans.

Ariana Ministries, under the dedicated leadership of Hossein and Shahnaz, holds immense promise in reaching and impacting the Afghan population by presenting the Gospel of love to them.  I am hopeful that through Ariana Ministries, many lives will be transformed, hearts will find peace, church would be healed, and communities will be strengthened.

As we bless and send-off this couple to launch Ariana Ministries, please join me in praying for, and supporting Hossein and Shahnaz to continue to bless Afghans and Afghanistan.”

Greg Falco, Lead Pastor, Elim Life Church, Lima https://elimlife.church

“The vision for Ariana ministries has been burning in the hearts of Hossein and Shahnaz Ebrahimi for years. They have successfully ministered in numerous areas of the world, and they have developed proven strategies to reach those who may seem unreachable. Through their years of ministry, they have had a passion for Afghanistan that has never waned. God has a plan for the Afghan people – Ariana Ministries is on the front lines in the effort to bring the Gospel to a people who are in great need of God’s presence and power. Hossein and Shahnaz have proven to be faithful, effective, and committed to the call of God on their lives. I see the Lord’s favor on them and their ministry and am honored to be a part of this incredible work.”

Executive Director, Pamir Ministries, Operation Mobilization https://pamirministries.org/

“Pamir Ministries is looking forward to seeing how God will use Ariana Ministries, especially considering our long-standing relationship with several on the team. We wish Ariana Ministries success and God’s blessing as they seek to impact many Afghans with the gospel.

Chris Ball, President, Elim Fellowship USA  https://elimfellowship.org

“My wife Carol and I have had the privilege of knowing Hossein and Shahnaz Ebrahimi for many years. We have connected with them on a personal level and have prayed and supported them for the work that they do throughout the world. From the first time we met we sensed their love for Afghanistan and for the Afghan people. This couple has dedicated their lives to discipleship, leadership, and encouragement to individuals and churches. I fully recommend you to prayerfully consider how you might stand with this family and Ariana Ministries as they endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission among the Afghan people groups.”

Ariana Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States